15 Wins straight out of the box

WIN 1: Pixelgram Tap + zcrm Link Pages

Transform to Rank Your Premium Business Profile

with integrated social links, effective CTAs, surveys, funnels, and calendars on mobile landing pages to optimise online rankings and visitor conversions.

Premium Business Profile:

  • Integrated Social
  • Lead Generation
  • Online Ranking
  • Compelling Profile

What It Does:

  1. Direct Call To Action
  2. Optimised Funnels
  3. Visitor Conversion
  4. Enhanced Interactivity

WIN 2: Pixelgram TAP + zcrm Mobile App

Centralise Operations

by consolidating contacts, reviews, prospects, and opportunities in one phone list, boosting lead generation by 61% for active business card app users.

Contact Management:

  • Centralised Contacts
  • Easy Access

Review Handling:

  • Streamlined Reviews
  • Enhanced Engagement

Lead Generation:

  • Increased Leads
  • Improved Conversion

User Engagement:

  • App Usage
  • Lead Boost

WIN 3: zcrm Conversations

Streamlines Engagement

by managing social media conversations across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, and TikTok from one screen, ensuring efficient communication without missed messages.

Social Media Mastery:

  • Unified Platform
  • Cross-Platform Management
  • Single Screen
  • Engagement Mastery

Efficient Communication:

  • Simplified Management
  • No Overlooks
  • Message Efficiency
  • Improved Responsiveness


Instantly Engages

by enabling direct customer interaction through your profile, converting over 1,000 monthly visits into active, opportunity-rich conversations with the app.

Direct Customer Interaction:

  • Enhanced Engagement
  • Direct Interaction
  • Profile Utilisation
  • Conversational Dynamics

Convert Visits to Chats:

  • Increased Visits
  • Opportunity Capitalisation
  • Engagement Growth
  • Customer Conversion

WIN 5: zcrm Reviews

Elevates Your Reputation

by efficiently managing online reviews through our CRM, influencing consumer decisions and increasing engagement as 94% of consumers favor responsive brands.

Reputation Management:

  • Enhanced Reputation
  • Efficient Management
  • Positive Influence
  • Decision Impact

Increase Engagement:

  • Favorable Positioning
  • Brand Interaction
  • Consumer Preference
  • Review Responsiveness

Win 6: zcrm Forms & Surveys

Enhance Interaction

by using custom forms and surveys to transform visitor interactions into automated, instantly accessible responses, elevating user experience and service efficiency.

Streamline Engagement:

  • Custom Forms
  • Survey Use
  • Automated Responses
  • Instant Access

Efficient Communication:

  • Quick Capture
  • Responsive Interaction
  • Improved Experience
  • Service Efficiency

Win 7: zcrm CALENDARS

Streamlines Scheduling

by enabling effortless booking through a custom-branded profile digital business card app to enhance convenience and reduce conflicts, ensuring professional, seamless client interactions.

Effortless Booking:

  • Easy Scheduling
  • Custom Profile
  • Enhanced Convenience
  • Conflict Reduction

Professional Engagement:

  • Scheduling Solutions
  • Seamless Interaction
  • Professional Experience
  • Client Satisfaction


Streamlines Revenue

through instant transactions within the app, supporting multiple payment methods for quick, easy, and secure processing to boost conversion rates.

Instant Transactions:

  • Quick Billing
  • Direct Processing
  • Revenue Streamlining
  • Increased Convenience

Versatile & Secure:

  • Multiple Methods
  • Quick Transactions
  • Secure Processing
  • Higher Conversions


Automates Engagement

with smart interaction through an AI chatbot managing FAQs and pre-qualifying leads, ensuring seamless support and efficient, informed customer interactions.

Smart Interaction:

  • Manage FAQs
  • Lead Pre-qualification
  • Information Gathering
  • Effective Follow-ups

Seamless Support:

  • AI Transition
  • Human Interaction
  • Enhanced Understanding
  • Increased Efficiency

WIN 10: ZCRM Auto-text

Never Misses a Lead

by automatically sending text messages to every unanswered call, capturing every opportunity and enhancing customer engagement with immediate follow-up with the Zcrm App.

Missed Call Solution:

  1. Automatic Texting
  2. Unanswered Calls
  3. Lead Capture
  4. Constant Availability

Capture Every Opportunity:

  1. Reduced Losses
  2. Enhanced Engagement
  3. Immediate Follow-up
  4. Increased Retention


Boosts Engagement

with a 98% SMS open rate, dramatically outperforming email, and leverages SMS for effective communication, ensuring no vital business interaction is missed.

High Open Rates:

  1. 98% Open
  2. Outperforms Email
  3. Enhanced Visibility
  4. Immediate Attention

Effective Communication:

  1. SMS Power
  2. Manage Messages
  3. Receive Messages
  4. Never Misse

WIN 12: ZCRM workflows

Maximise Lead Conversions

by transforming your site with Pixelgram TAP & Zcrm into a client-generation engine, effortlessly turning visitors into clients and boosting engagement.

Maximise Lead Conversions:

  • Transform Site
  • Client Engine
  • Effortless Conversions
  • Visitor Clients

Boost Engagement:

  • Enhance Interactions
  • Convert Leads
  • Drive Growth
  • Business Expansion

WIN 13: ZCRM sales tracker

Optimises Sales Pipeline

by automating lead tracking and enhancing efficiency, providing a precise overview of each prospect for quicker, more effective deal closures.

Automate Tracking:

  • Effortless Movement
  • Pipeline Automation
  • Minimised Tasks
  • Lead Progression

Enhanced Efficiency:

  • Precise Overview
  • Streamlined Process
  • Quicker Closures
  • Effective Deals


Drives Results

with deep insights into opportunities, pipeline value, and conversion rates, using data for strategic decisions to optimise sales for peak performance.

Deep Insights:

  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Monitor Opportunities
  • Value Tracking
  • Rate Analysis

Strategic Decisions:

  • Data Utilisation
  • Strategy Refinement
  • Outcome Improvement
  • Sales Optimisation


Simplifies & Automate Social Media

through automated scheduling of posts months in advance, efficiently managing active, relevant channels to boost connectivity and impact.

Automated Scheduling:

  • Schedule Posts
  • Advanced Planning
  • Consistent Presence
  • Engage Audiences

Efficient Management:

  • Save Time
  • Keep Active
  • Relevant Content
  • Minimal Effort

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